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2020 CC CHSAA Tryout / Registration

Tryout Schedule 2020-2021

December 2nd. CHSAA Pre-Season Mandatory Player Meeting 6:00pm Family Sports Center Banquet Room.

January 4th. CHSAA Player Meeting 2:00pm Family Sports Center Banquet Room.

Tryout Schedule

January 4th …4:40pm-5:40pm Family Sports Center
January 5th… 4:00pm-5:00pm Family Sports Center
January 6th ....4:40pm-5:40pm Final CHSAA Tryout Family Sports Center

January 7th….5:45pm Parent Meeting Varsity Family Sports Center                      

January 7th... 6:45pm Parent Meeting Junior Varsity Family Sports Center

Tryouts are open to all prospective CCSD athletes who have filled out the following information below.  Any student who played on the CC Fall Team must complete the registration process as the CHSAA Team is a separate tryout and team.

Please complete Both Registrations. CCHS and CC Hockey.

Registration Process

  1. CHSAA is now REQUIRING everyone to create an account for them in order to participate.  Their platform does not “communicate” with our site so everyone will need to do that separately.  CHSAA says it only takes 45 seconds.  Everyone is required to do this before competing, or they will not be able to compete.  Below is the information:

    To participate as a high school athlete in Colorado, students are required by CCSD and the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) to create a student account in Planet HS (FormerlyArbiter Athlete.) This platform will be the system for Academic Eligibility Filing and Document Transfer Management between schools and the state association.

  2. To Create Account TEXT S42149 to 69274

  3. OR

  4.   Use this link to create your account:  , create a student account, be sure to select Cherry Creek High School and use your student name that is in PowerSchool.

  5. YOU ONLY NEED TO DO THIS ONCE DURING YOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS. Please do NOT create multiple accounts.

  6. If you attend a different school other than CCHS follow these directions. 

    Registering for Ice Hockey....

    When a student sets up his or her account, the student will select a Home School ( School of Attendance ) and then a Secondary school for Participation  (School playing at ). System will also allow payment options and if a player is a transfer provide participating school student information.

  7. Cherry Creek High School (CCHS) has the same athletic registration process for 2020-2021.
  8. To complete the process you need to visit the CCHS athletics website (link below) and complete online registration.
  9. 2020-2021 CCHS Registration for Season B sports will open on October 1, 2020.
  10. Click here:
  11. Click on Athletic Registration.
  12. Print Physical Clearance form – located on website under “Other Forms” tab on the top of the page. Please complete and have the doctor sign and date pages 4 and 5 (watermarked SCHOOL COPY) then email these 2 completed pages to OR upload them to your online registration.
  13. Click on the Athletic Team Registration button.
  14. Log in to your family account, or Create New Account Log-In Information if you are new.
  15. If you are a Non-CCHS Student in the district and NEW to CCSD Hockey this year you will need to contact Ms. Karen Hanlin at CCHS with the following information to help in completing your Registration.  First and Last Name, Student ID, Birthdate, male/female, grade, and school of attendance. This information will be input into the system so you can register. If you are an Athlete Only student (not in CCSD), you will need to contact the District Admissions office to obtain a District ID and give that to Ms Hanlin along with Name, Birthdate, Gender, Grade and school of attendance. All Athlete Only (non-CCSD) students need to re-register each year with the District.
  16. Ms Karen Hanlin CCHS Athletics Department 720-554-2461


    On-Line Registration and Payment. District Registration. Physical Clearance.
  18. Player Registration with Creek Hockey
    1. All players are required to register with Creek Hockey, even if player has played for a Creek Hockey team in fall or last season.
    2. Registration link is provided to the bottom right.
    3. Player will need to complete USA Hockey registration and have USA Hockey Number when registering.
    4. Registration is available on-line and will require the creation of a SportNgin user account. (see directions to the right)
  19. Pay CHSAA Tryout Fee $75.00. 
    1. Payment can be made on-line using the link to the right.

CC Fall Team Players will need to complete registration steps and pay tryout fee. 

Deadline for Registration December 15th. If student has not registered or paid fee they will not be allowed on the ice for tryouts. 

Please continue to visit the Creek Hockey website for more information regarding tryouts. You can also subscribe to the the Calendar on the Practice times, game times and off ice training times are being scheduled and will be available on the website calendar. 

Fee Payment

Creating SportNgin Account

All registrants must have or create an account with the Creek Hockey website before registration will be available.  If you already have a SportNgin account from another association you can use the same account.  

  1. Simply login in using the "Login" link in the upper left corner of this page.  
  2. Once you have logged in click on the link to "Become a member" of our site.  
  3. You can then proceed to the registration link below.

If you do not already have a SportNgin account created you can create one by follow the simple steps to create an account provide by SportNgin by clicking here. (Note: link will open in a new window for easy reference.)  Once you account is created you can follow the steps above.

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