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Cherry Creek 2022-2023 CCHA Season Registration

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Cherry Creek Hockey Association Registration

Registration must be completed by the following dates:

Varsity Prep Midget Major AA: July 30, 2022
Junior Varsity Prep Midget Major A: July 30, 2022

Registration Process

  1. Player Registration with Creek Hockey
    1. All players are required to register with Creek Hockey, even if player has played for a Creek Hockey team in fall or last season.
    2. Registration link is provided below.
    3. Players in 9th-12th grade are eligible for tryouts. Teams are registered as 18U to allow for all players to be eligible on all teams.
    4. Player will need to complete USA Hockey registration and have a valid 2022-2022 or 2022-2023 USA Hockey Number when registering.
    5. Tryout Fee $100.00. 
    6. Registration is available on-line and will require the creation of a SportNgin user account. (see directions below)
    7. Registration will include a $500.00 deposit fee for both returning and new players. Players that do not make a team and are released will have their deposit's returned.
  2. Registration with the CCSD is not required for the Fall Prep USA Hockey Cherry Creek Hockey Association Teams.
  3. Team Registration. Payment must be made after a player is selected to a team. Log into your SportNgin account and register your player to their appropriate team. You will have the option to pay the remaining balance in full or choose the scheduled payment installment plan for your team. A player will NOT be rostered on a team until this Step has been completed.
  4. 2022-2023 Team Fees.
    Varsity Prep NAPHL Midget Major AA $2600.00
    Junior Varsity Prep NAPHL Midget Major A $2600.00
    Additional Team information will be provided in the Registration Link.
  5. Additional Off Ice Training Player Payments with Landow Performance and team merchandise are not included in Team Fees.

Please continue to re-visit the Creek Hockey website for more information and updates regarding tryouts.  Practice times, game times and off ice training times are being scheduled and will be available on the website calendar. 

2022-2023 Cherry Creek NAPHL CPHL Hockey Registration Now Open!


Hockey families,


USA Hockey has taken great steps to ensure player safety and this year have implemented a SafeSport mandatory training for birth years 2004 and below. 


As players register for tryouts and get their new USA 2022-2023 Number you will be instructed to go to Your player will then take the course and be certified for 2 years.


It is important that you complete your training asap as no Player will be eligible to be rostered for a Tournament or a USA Hockey roster as your name will be red lined until the course is taken. Cherry Creek has Tournaments in August and we will be sending our roster for certification on August 8th.


Below is additional information.


      New from USAH and the Olympic Center for SafeSport - players born in 2005 or earlier that will be on youth
      18U, girls 19U, High School or mixed age teams that can include minors (such as disabled or flex) will
      need to complete SS training PRIOR to being added to a roster


      These players will be grayed out and it will not be possible to roster them until their training is complete so it is
      crucial to make sure impacted teams and players are aware of this. 


      There are a couple of early High School tournaments on the schedule (earliest beginning 8/26) so players/teams
      need to plan ahead for this new requirement.


      The players need to register with USAH for the 2022-23 season first.  They will then need to use their 
      confirmation number for the 22-23 season to access SS training and complete the course.  They should use the 
      exact same name to register with USAH and to take the SS training.  Each player needs to access the course 
      with their own number, so this can’t be done with a group viewing the course together on one 
      screen.  However, it could work to get the team/players together, each with their own laptop, to take the course in 
      the same location at the same time!  Team bonding:)  


      Parents registering 2005 and older players with USAH after the end of April 2022 have or will sign off on a form 
      that gives consent for the player to take the training.  Parents of impacted players that registered prior (during 
      April) to the addition of the consent form are being contacted by USAH for consent.  Anyone unable to take the 
      training can contact Susan Cardasis or Anda Craven.  We will put them in touch with USAH to request a waiver 
      from the Center for SafeSport.  The waiver process may take a while (days, weeks?) so this should not be done
      at the last minute.


      Once players are claimed/submitted through the registration portal the association registrar will be able to see the
      status of their SafeSport training (complete or incomplete).  In the meantime it might be a good idea to ask 
      players to send their certificate of completion to their association registrar in case their data does not merge and 
      to help track which players are in compliance and who still needs to complete the training.


If you have additional questions please contact Ralph Bammert who is our SafeSport coordinator at


Thank you ,


Jeff Mielnicki
Coach Mel