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2017-18 Varsity Prep / JV Prep Registration

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Cherry Creek Hockey Association Registration

Registration must be completed by the following dates:

Varsity Prep Midget Major AA: August 8, 2017

Varsity Prep Midget Major A: August 8, 2017


Tryout Schedule

Cherry Creek Hockey Association 
Tryouts 2017-2018 Season
August 8th – 10th, 2017  --  The Ice Ranch

Players are required to register and complete all tryout information and payment requirements with Cherry Creek and register with USA Hockey before tryouts.

Tuesday, August 8th  Varsity Prep Midget Major 18UAA / Varsity Prep T2 18UA
4:50pm  5:50pm


Wednesday, August 9th Varsity Prep Midget Major 18UAA / Varsity Prep T2 18UA
4:50pm  5:50pm


Thursday, August 10th  Varsity Prep Midget Major AA / Varsity Prep T2 18UA Final
4:50pm  5:50pm


Friday, August 11th 5:30pm  Varsity Prep Parent Meeting Ice Ranch


Friday, August 11th 6:30pm Varsity Prep T2 Prep Parent Meeting Ice Ranch



Tryouts are open to all prospective student athletes who have filled out the following information below.  Any student who played on the CC CHSAA Team must complete the registration process as the CHSAA Team is a separate tryout and team.  


Registration Process

  1. Player Registration with Creek Hockey
    1. All players are required to register with Creek Hockey, even if player has played for a Cherry Creek Hockey team last season.
    2. Registration link is provided to the right.
    3. Player will need to complete USA Hockey registration and have a valid 2017-2018 USA Hockey Number when registering.
    4. Tryout Fee $100.00. 
    5. Registration is available on-line and will require the creation of a SportNgin user account. (see directions below)
    6. Registration will include a $500.00 deposit fee for both returning and new players. Players that do not make a team and are released will have their deposit's returned.
  2. Registration with the CCSD is not required for the Fall Prep or Club teams.
  3. Team Registration. Payment must be made after a player is selected to a team. Log into your SportNgin account and register your player to their appropriate team. You will have the option to pay the remaining balance in full or choose the scheduled payment installment plan for your team. A player will NOT be rostered on a team until this Step has been completed.
  4. 2017-2018 Team Fees.
    Varsity Prep Midget Major AA $1950.00
    Varsity Prep T2 Midget Major A $1875.00
  5. Additional Team information will be provided in the Registration Link.

Please continue to re-visit the Creek Hockey website or like us on Facebook for more information and updates regarding tryouts.  Practice times, game times and off ice training times are being scheduled and will be available on the website calendar. 

Creating SportNgin Account

All registrants must have or create an account with the Creek Hockey website before registration will be available.  If you already have a SportNgin account from another association you can use the same account.  

  1. Simply login in using the "Login" link in the upper left corner of this page.  
  2. Once you have logged in click on the link to "Become a member" of our site.  
  3. You can then proceed to the registration link below.

If you do not already have a SportNgin account created you can create one by follow the simple steps to create an account provide by SportNgin by clicking here. (Note: link will open in a new window for easy reference.)  Once you account is created you can follow the steps above.